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E X H I B I T  G A L L E R Y

TEDxPenn 2021 Conference

Welcome to the Exhibit Gallery, a virtual space to engage with interactive activities related to the conference talks. Explore the seven exhibits below during the Interactive Virtual Space session. Also check out the live breakout room discussions lead by speakers and the book library.

Note: We recommend using Chrome (not Safari) to view the exhibits with Poll Everywhere components for a seamless experience. On Safari, you will need to respond on the Poll Everywhere site. 


Respond to some polls about yourself, and learn about other conference-goers too!

Inspired by Angela Guzman's talk, this exhibit lets you build your own emoji.

Inspired by Sonja Duppleman's talk, this exhibit brings you on a virtual tree tour around Penn.

Inspired by "P" Michael Boone's talk, this immersive audial experience simulates a haircut.

Inspired by "P" Michael Boone's talk, this exhibit teaches you how to cut your hair.

As you listen to talks, fill out this crossword to solve for the unknown.

Want new music? Check out the TEDxPenn 2021 Conference playlist for some UNKNOWN tunes!

Inspired by Laney's talk on influencing with imperfections, fill out this poll to share your imperfections.


Join live breakout room conversations lead by speakers to discuss their talks.


Explore books written and recommended by our speakers.

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